Participant Guidelines

Submission System Guidelines

The Program Committee selects chairs for general sessions from those individuals that have indicated a willingness to serve in such a capacity. Please be sure to select the appropriate box on the individual abstract submission form if you are interested.

A general session chair accepts the responsibility of providing the laptop computer for the session and ensures that all presentations are loaded prior to the session. To facilitate that process, SAA Staff will provide the general session chair with contact information for all the session participants.

The session chair is responsible for organizing the session submission and making sure their participants have completed their submissions. Onsite, session chairs are responsible for providing laptops (or they may delegate to a session participant) and loading all presentations prior to the session.

Inviting Participants:

After you select your session format and complete the session abstract, you may invite participants to your session. In order to invite participants, you must obtain each participant’s first and last name, and e-mail address. Participants are invited to your session via automated e-mail. If a participant does not receive the e-mail, you can also provide him/her with your session ID number so that he/she can join your session via the online system.

Important Submission System Details:

Participants will not appear in your session until they have accepted the invitation.

Once the maximum number of participants has been reached, invitees will no longer be able to accept the invitation to the session. Similarly, if a specific role is maximized, the participant will not be able to join the session in that role.

Be sure to organize presentations within the submissions portal as you would like them to appear on the Final Program prior to the submission deadline.

Completing your Session Submission:

Sessions are auto-submitted for review once the submission deadline hits (September 6, 2018, 3pm Eastern Time). Chairs of sessions have the ability to make changes to the session at any time before the deadline. No changes may be made after the deadline.

If the primary chair has not completed his/her submission or registration, the session will NOT be submitted for review.

If any session participants have not completed their submission or registration, they will not be included in the final session submission. Chairs will be able to review and print the “Summary” page which shows exactly how their session will appear when it is submitted.

Session participants are invited to participate via an automated e-mail containing a link to the submission system, the session ID number, and the role(s) for which they are invited to the session. If a participant does not receive the automated e-mail, the chair can simply provide the participant with the session ID number so that they can join the session via the online system.

Participants will not appear in the session until they’ve accepted the invitation. If the maximum number of participants for the session has already been reached, they will no longer be permitted to join the session. Similarly, if a specific role is maximized, the participant will not be able to join the session in that role.

All participants must complete the required steps including abstract submission (if applicable) and registration payment prior to the established deadline in order to be considered eligible for review in the session. Any participant who has not completed the required steps will not be included in the final session submission.



Guidelines for Onsite Participation

Session chairs have the responsibility to provide the laptop and load any presentations in advance of the session (or they may delegate that responsibility to another session participant).

Each room is equipped with the following standard setup:

  • One LCD projector and cable
  • One screen
  • One laser pointer
  • One countdown timer

Should the chair or another individual providing the computer need a special connector for an Apple computer to the LCD projector, the chair or designee will need to bring it. Our audio visual companies do not provide dongles. The Speaker Ready Room will be accessible throughout the Annual Meeting if the chair would like to practice connecting their laptop to the LCD Projector.

Individuals who wish to order and pay for additional equipment may contact SAA for the audio visual company information.

Additionally, session chair are responsible for introducing each participant and keeping the papers running according to schedule. Most rooms have sessions scheduled back to back, making it vitally important to keep sessions and papers to their scheduled times.

Please remember that oral presentations in regular symposia are limited to fifteen minutes in length. Prepare your paper with this time limit in mind so that all sessions can run on time. We also recommend that you provide your session chair with copies of any electronic presentation files well in advance of the session's scheduled time slot.

Each session room is equipped with one LCD projector and cable, screen, laser pointer and a countdown timer. Laptops will be provided by the session chair.


The poster display area for graphics and a textual summary is 4 feet (height) × 8 feet (wide). Each space has a 15 feet × 4 feet table area in front of it where handouts or samples may be placed. Text should be limited to four or five pages of double-spaced, 16-20 point text. Mounting supplies are not provided by SAA; presenters need to have their own pushpins or double-sided tape for their displays. Electricity is not available.


At the top of each poster, the title and authors should be clearly displayed. It is recommended that this information be 6 inches in height and up to 8 feet long in order for it to be highly visible to attendees.

Author's Presence

The poster display time is two hours. How much time presenters spend with their posters is up to them. Since one of the clear advantages of poster presentations is sustained interaction with the "audience," SAA urges presenters to spend as much of the two hours as possible with their material.


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    Submission System Opens

  • September 06, 2018

    Submission Deadline

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    Meeting Payment Confirmations Sent

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    Membership Join Deadline for Nonmember Participants

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    Withdrawal Deadline

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    Participation Decision Letters from Program Committee

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    Preliminary Program Posted Online (hardcopy mailed early January 2019)

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    Membership Renewal Deadline for Current Member Participants