State Archaeology Celebration Posters

The State Archaeology Celebration Poster is the central promotional device for publicizing State Archeology Week/Month programs. The poster forms a main means of inviting citizens to participate in and learn about archaeology, helping to promote archaeological stewardship. The poster can be mailed along with other information on Archeology Week/Month to schools, businesses, agencies, museums, and libraries. As part of this program of activities, poster images might be used as bookmarks, as postcards, as fliers and brochures, as advertisements in magazines, as banners for billboards, and as T-shirt designs.

State Archaeology Celebration Posters are developed through various means. Some are the result of art contests, others are designed through invitation. Some are created in response to a solicitation for contributions on a particular topic while other times CRM firms, avocationalists, or archaeology practitioners will approach the Archaeology Week/Month organizers with an idea for a poster.

Funding a State Archaeology Celebration Poster

Archaeologists, avocational societies, volunteers, federal agencies, universities, museums, and private businesses have all supported Archaeology Week/Month posters and activities through direct financing or in-kind contributions. Cultural Resources Management firms and public companies involved in the compliance process also regularly contribute to Archaeology Week/Month poster production (i.e., poster creation and/or development costs). Such contributions generate considerable publicity and help them earn goodwill. Private foundations, private business, and small grants can be viable sources for covering poster costs. To recover costs or to generate funding for future state archaeology celebration activities, the posters can also be offered for sale in various venues such as bookstores, teacher stores, museum gift shops, and at archaeological society tables in conference book rooms.

State Archaeology Celebration Poster Contest

In 1996, at the SAA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, the Public Education Committee’s Archaeology Week and Network Subcommittees, along with the SAA’s Council of Affiliated Societies, sponsored the first Archaeology Day, Week, or Month poster contest. Called Celebrate Archaeology 1995-96, it was held as part of the Public Session on April 13. Submitted posters dated between June 1995 and May 1996. Conference and public session participants selected the winners.

The State Archaeology Celebration Poster Contest has continued every year since 1996. Winners are selected by popular vote of conference participants at each year’s SAA Annual Meeting. Learn how to submit your state’s poster to the contest.